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How does it work?


To develop your communication skills with the help and guidance of the Moderator by speaking on any topic, expressing your opinion, asking your questions and obtaining the feedback

Who can suggest to have a session
Any participant can.

Moderator organizes a session by inviting the Speakers

The Speakers can choose a session via calendar at any appropriate time with any available Moderator, selecting their own language level and topics to discuss


Who want to develop their spoken language skills


Professional English teacher who organizes discussions, makes errors review and provides personal suggestions to each Speaker

How to join a session

When the group is formed (6 Speakers max), each Speaker gets a personal invitation link by email with the session details. Following these details the Speaker gets into the session

Live English

Enjoy speaking on any topic in mixed companies at any time!

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Our methods

Different formats of the session
"Training" format

simulates the classic debates under the strict rules. It forms the skills useful for negotiations

"Presentation" format

allows one to perform in public, answering the audience's questions

"Open discussion" format

makes it possible to speak on any picked topic in a free manner

How to pick the topic

"Library" page contains some topics divided into several theme groups, prepared by SayAnyway experts

And yet any Speaker can offer any other topic, then the Moderator makes it available for the discussion via his personal account

your vocabulary

Each topic comes with the list of the key-words for using during the discussion.

This helps to improve Speaker's vocabulary and makes their speech diverse and catchy

Language level

Everyone can choose the group according to their level or take an individual session

Moderator's tips

The meeting formats allow every Speaker to get:

corrections and comments

links to the study materials

personal recommendations by email

Top Moderators

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